Your Fat Doesn't Stand a Chance!

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Discover how, for less than those gimmicky "As Seen On TV" weight loss products, you can work with world-renowned celebrity personal trainer, Jesse Brisendine, to eradicate your fat, transform your body, and have so much energy that your kids can't keep up with you!

Jesse Brisendine

You can have the body you want - the body you deserve - the body of your dreams - and you can have it in less than 30 days.

Dear Friend,

Will you do me a favor?

Perform this simple 4-step exercise with me...

  1. Take out a small sheet of paper and write down what your dream body looks and feels like. How much fat do you want to lose? How much muscle would you like to gain? Do you look sexy in your swimsuit? Don't limit yourself based on what you think you can achieve; instead, write down what you really, truly want, deep inside...what is the body of your dreams?
  2. Just under that, write down how quickly you'd like to accomplish that goal
  3. I want you to stop and think about just how much of an impact achieving your dream body would have on your entire life.
  4. What does not acheiving your goal cost you? What do you miss out on? What do you give up?

Take just a minute and really think about...

Did you do it? Did you dream big and write it all down?

I hope so.

Because here's the thing...

I am willing to bet that you've given the typical "self-help" approach to body transformation a try… You know what I am talking about, you make the pledge that you are going to go to the gym 5x a week or do and exercise dvd everyday… and you have probably experienced little, if any, results by doing it this way. Don't worry, you are not in the minority, as a matter of fact, you are actually in the majority. Unfortunately when it comes to success rates are pathetically low, when people do the same things over and over again and focus on the "self-help" approach.

The fact of the matter is this: if you truly want to experience success and change your body, it's going to require a dramatically different approach from what's being thrown around by the mainstream media. The media will have you believe something ridiculous like: if you buy the "super juicer 5000" you will lose weight and look like a supermodel in just 12 days, by using their product! Frankly, that is just crap, a flat out lie! The reality is, if you want to get the results you want and deserve, you have to be willing to do things differently than you have ever done before.

Enter the Fat Eradicating System!

With this program, I throw self-help out the window and instead give you the hands-on, expert help that has been proven to work for hundreds of real people all over the world.

Put simply, The Fat Eradicating System is about taking you, step-by-step, from where you are right now, to exactly where you want to go. It's about support, it's about science, it's about coaching, and most importantly, it's about results.

When I say results, I do not throw that term around lightly. I am not just talking about a pound or two – what I am talking about is rapid, measurable results in as less than one month's time! This is exactly what you can expect to achieve as my client for five reasons:

  1. I tell you exactly what to do
  2. I've designed a workout program for you that has been proven to get amazing results in as little as 2 weeks
  3. I've designed a nutrition program for you that is proven to melt fat off your body
  4. I support you throughout your entire 30 Day transformation
  5. I provide you with a supportive environment and community of like-minded people who are happy and eager to cheer you on

Let's take a closer look:

Previously, this type of highly personalized, comprehensive one-on-one personal training experience was only available to my private clients in the greater Santa Barbara area. But now, with the availability of the Web based Fat Eradicating System...

It doesn't matter if you live on the other side of the planet—I can get you where you want to be.

But instead of just telling you myself, I'll let some of my clients tell you about their experience with the program:

In just a few short moments, I'm going to tell you exactly what the Fat Eradicating System entails, but before I do, allow me to tell you a little about myself and share with you...

Reason #1: World Re-known Expertise At Your Fingertips

People from places like: Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, France, Philippines, South Africa, Argentina, England, Italy, United States, Romania, Japan, Costa Rica, Canada and many other parts of the world all come to me because I've established myself as a global leader in helping people to get rid of… to Eradicate their fat, and achieve the results they want. Additionally, my expertise has led to me being featured in news broadcasts, magazines, talk shows, internet sites, newspapers, radio shows, as well as major television networks as TBS and NBC.

Now, I don't say any of that to brag, but rather to show you exactly the type of expertise and value you have the opportunity to gain access to as my client. Simply put, when you work with me, you will be working directly, hands-on with a expert trainer and coach who is internationally recognized as an authority for getting mind-blowing results with clients. No longer are you limited to the average personal trainers at your local gym—by becoming a client today, you can immediately begin working with one of the fitness industry's best to achieve the results you deserve.

Reason #2: I've Been In Your Shoes

Before you think that perhaps I'm just one of those guys who's always had an easy time with his own body, let me tell you that I've been in your shoes, and to get where I am today, I've had to walk my own walk.

In June of 2001 I had just begun working out. At this time, I was a shy, insecure Freshman in College who would get completely embarrassed and turn bright red in the face if a girl talked to him. At this time I weighed 165lbs. I dedicated myself to fitness for the next several years and got myself into great shape. By January, 2010 I was weighing in at 226 pounds and only 11% of that was body fat. I had put on over 60 pounds of lean muscle since my scrawny 165lb days. At that time I weighed about 226lbs at around 11% body fat. I had put on over 60lbs of lean muscle since that first photo. I did this by dedicating hours of my time every day to the gym, clanging and banging out rep after rep. I thought I would be fit forever, I never thought I would be without the abs I had been working hard for for the last several years. Then I had several injuries and a couple of surgeries. I was not able to work out at the level I wanted to. I turned to food to occupy my time. In a matter of months I lost several pounds of muscle and gained about 15lbs of fat. You can see from the picture below I weighed 231lbs and was not happy. I not only had lost my abs, I lost my smile. I wanted, I needed to lose about some serious body fat. I decided to re-evaluate my fitness goals. I didn't want to spend hours of my life at the gym like I did when I was younger. I wanted to maximize my time at the gym and at the dinner table. It was time for an overhaul. I have spent much of the last two years testing out different workouts; different styles of training and different nutrition programs on myself. I have used myself as the ultimate guinea pig so that I could create a system that I could be 100% certain that it would radically transform one's body and not require them to spend their life in the gym and be a slave to some "diet."

The picture below, on the right, speaks for itself. I am in the best overall shape of my life; I weigh around 209lbs at about 8% body fat I find myself in this great shape at such a low body fat % because I now eat and train the exact same way that I am going to teach you in the Fat Eradicating System. I now workout smarter, not harder, and eat foods that get me results, while still enjoying tasty deserts and other treats from time to time. More importantly I now have 100% certainty that this system will get you results.



In just a few months, I dropped 6% body fat, totaling 15 pounds of fat. I can do it, and you can too!

You see, when it comes to body transformation, I've been there, done that. I was a regular guy with regular genetics who took his physique to the next level, and as you'll see in the next section, I can help you do the same (and maintain it for the rest of your life).

Reason #3: Results, Results, Results

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from my story is my 32 year old client Justin. Tipping the scales at 280 lbs, Justin was more than 120lbs overweight and completely unhappy with his health when he came to me looking for a change. And a change is exactly what he got as I helped him melt away over 100lbs of fat in less than a year, boosting his confidence, decreasing his stress levels dramatically, and propelling him to the best physical shape of his entire life.

And as you can see from the testimonials spread all throughout this page, there are countless more success stories to add to Justin's.

I have helped people literally all over the world achieve their best bodies. I've worked with individuals in dozens of countries and from all walks of life. When I say all walks of life, I am talking about accountants, librarians, teachers, doctors, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, actors, financial advisers day care providers, fitness models, athletes, businessmen and women, kids, high school students, college students, and plenty of 9 to 5 working class adults.

I've helped men build rock hard muscle and discover their abs for the first time in their life.

I've helped women look and feel sexy in the way they've always desired.

Simply put, when you work with me, results are typical, and here's why:

My Fat Eradicating System is the culmination of knowledge, research, University level education, studying various nutrition and diet methods, reading countless books and research articles on everything from fat loss, to muscle gaining, to emotional eating, to the psychology of motivation. Furthermore with over 10 years of professional experience working with 1000's of people of all ages, shapes and sizes, I really have seen it all and I know exactly what works and what does not work. I pride myself in staying on the cutting edge of everything training and nutrition related. I am constantly developing and refining systems and strategies that no one else is using in order to give my clients the best so that they can achieve their best.

I remember when I first started training, another trainer who had been doing it awhile told me, "Jesse get used to being disappointed only 10% of people achieve their goals." I couldn't believe he was saying this. I hated the idea that he was OK with only 10% of his clients getting what they wanted. I made it my personal mission to do everything in my power to ensure all my clients, who were willing to follow a structured program, would get the results they wanted and rightfully deserved.

Do you want to lose fat and gain lean muscle at the same time?


You see, I get amazing results with clients because I myself absolutely demand more out of myself and my approach when working with people. This is why I've emerged as a leader in my field and why when you work with me you can expect to succeed.

Real customization: Why the Fat Eradicating System is the most certain way to achieve the best results in the fastest way possible.

"Customized"—you hear the term thrown get thrown around a lot by fitness products, websites, big gyms, and even personal trainers. I just don't understand how these people can think that by entering your height and weight into a software program or by looking it up on a chart they have created a "customized" program for you. This is NOT the way you create individualized nutrition recommendations or a customized workout program. If this is going to be their approach to working with you, you may as well save your money and do a quick Google search to get the same info they will be charging you a ton of money for.

The way you create a customized workout and nutrition program is through trial and error. It through the experience and knowledge that comes from working with 100's of people from all over the world. You create a customized exercise and nutrition program based off of getting results, for client after client and helping them eradicate 10's of Thousands of pounds of fat along the way.

You are in luck because I have done all the guess work for you. I have spent years calling upon my various resources; I have conducted 100's of "experiments," on different body types, metabolisms, athletic levels, etc… I have analyzed many of the "fad" diets that are out there. I have sorted through all this information, tossed out what didn't work, and kept ONLY what I am 100% certain does work. It is this kind of extreme customization that makes it nearly impossible for you to experience anything but success as my client. All you have to do is follow the program and watch the fat disappear – forever. Add in the fact that your program comes with access to my Exercise Accountability group and you can clearly see why the Fat Eradicating System is hands down, the absolute fastest, most certain means to achieving the body you want—period.

What exactly do I get in the Fat Eradicating System?

Well, since you asked... I have done everything I can to provide you with a ton of content to make sure everything in this program is covered; to make the Fat Eradicating System a truly complete system. While other programs come with "holes" in them that you have to go to outside resources to fill and get your questions answered, the Fat Eradicating System is an all-inclusive. Everything you will need to undergo your transformation is right here!

I am sure by now you are wondering,...

How much is this Fat Eradicating System going to cost me?

Before I get to that let me tell you a short story. One day, Mrs. Smith decides that she has had it. She wants to get in shape, lose 30 pounds, and look good for her daughter’s wedding in six months. So, Mrs. Smith heads down to the local corporate gym and hires a personal trainer. Funds are tight for Mrs. Smith, after all she is putting a wedding together, but she is committed to getting in shape and losing the 30 pounds. Mrs. Smith agrees with the salesman that she will work out twice a week with a personal trainer. This will cost Mrs. Smith $150 per week (at $75 per session) and around $600 – $700 per month. The trainer she is assigned to (that’s how it typically works in big gyms, you are assigned to a trainer who is next up in the sales queue) knows absolutely nothing about Mrs. Smith and she knows nothing about him. The trainer, (whose “extensive” knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and nutrition, may very well be limited to the 2 day corporate certification he just got) plugs her information into some computer software and it spits out Mrs. Smith’s “unique program.” The trainer leads Mrs. Smith to the large, intimidating, weight room floor and starts having her perform the exercises off her “unique program.” The trainer moves her from machine to machine, counts reps, and sends the occasional text message to his girlfriend; (we won’t even get into how much time the trainer spends checking himself out in the mirror) all the while Mrs. Smith is left feeling unimportant and uninspired. Is this really worth $150 a week, $600 – $700 a month of Mrs. Smith’s hard earned dollars? And that is just the cost of the workouts! There is no customized program design, no nutrition programming, no accountability system, and no educational materials.

Does this story sound familiar at all?

Sadly this scenario is one I have seen played out in gyms all over the world, time and time again. Needless to say that what this story illustrates is a surefire way to spend a ton of money on an approach that more or less sets you up for failure. After all, who would stay motivated and want to keep working out under those circumstances?

Average trainer + corporate fitness methods = average, if any, results. Your cost = $600 to $700 per month!

In fact the above scenario is one of the main motivating factors behind me creating the Fat Eradicating System. I wanted to provide a complete, cutting edge, customized program that covers, nutrition, workouts, supplementation counseling, provides accountability, and offers educational materials, as a client of mine you deserve nothing less.

Now, if you were to jump on a plane or hop in your car and come all the way out to see me in Santa Barbara for an in person consultation, the exercise and nutrition program design services are available for individual purchase. The cost of each of these services is $200, plus an initial set up fee of $100. The reason being is working one on one with someone takes a lot of time. More importantly it takes time away from my mission which is to “Positively impact the lives of more than 2 Billion people before I die.” So, if you were to come out to Santa Barbara, meet with me in person, and sign up for these services at those rates, it would cost you:

$200 – nutrition program design
$200 – exercise program design
$100 – initial assessment and set up fee

That’s $500 dollars for the first month and $400 every month thereafter. My clients who live in Santa Barbara and pay to work with me regularly pay even more. And because I get them amazing results compared to what they would be paying for below average results from a corporate trainer, my clients gladly pay that amount.

But, the good news is, as a web-based client that’s not the amount you’ll pay for the Fat Eradicating System (even though you will be receiving the same level of service, only via the web). Here’s the deal:

Today, as an exclusive online offer only, I am making the Fat Eradicating System available to you, along with my Top Nutrition Tips for a Better Body and my book “Nutrition Myths Explained,’ as added bonuses, at the seriously discounted price of:

$117 for the entire Fat Eradicating System plus the above mentioned bonuses!

Yes, you read that right — for a fraction of the cost of working with your neighborhood personal trainer, you'll have access to the system that I have used to help hundreds of people create the body of their dreams!

But, in order to receive this heavily discounted rate, there is one small catch: the above rate is only guaranteed for those individuals who act now. As my time continues to grow more limited from the various projects I am involved in, the rate WILL go up and will continue to do so. And that’s not some marketing tactic; it’s just the plain and simple truth. I am a busy guy and I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish and a lot of people I want to help in my lifetime. To put it another way: the rate you see above is the absolute lowest rate at which you will ever have the opportunity to purchase the Fat Eradicating System. Remember history favors those who act. The action takers are the ones who will get the results and, quite frankly, the action takers are the ones who I want to work with. After all I have a reputation for getting results and I want to keep that reputation intact. So as an added bonus for the first 100 people who sign up for the Fat Eradicating System you will get a free 30-minute one on one coaching session with me! I typically charge upwards of $200 for these “Impact Sessions” as I like to call them. You can use this session however you like to talk about your nutrition/exercise program, to work on growing your business, ways to make more money, or to enhance your relationship. Remember I am a Life Coach so I deal with anything related to you and your life, and like I said, my clients get results. Note as of this posting there are only 43 coaching sessions still available.

To Recap, Here is Everything you get with the Fat Eradicating System:

  • A one month Customized Workout Program — $200 Value)
  • A Customized Nutrition Program — $200 Value)
  • 30-Minute Coaching Impact Session (first 100 People) $200 Value
  • 1 Month Membership to the Exercise Accountability Group $14 Value
  • Copy of “Nutrition Myths” $29 Value
  • Copy of “Tips for better body” $19 Value
  • Copy of “All Natural All Good For You Recipe Guide” $29 Value
Total Value: $691

You Pay: $691 $117

I’ll be honest with you, the price I am charging to become a comprehensive web-based client of mine is an absolute steal. It is a huge discount compared to what my regular in person clients pay and it is even a huge discount off of what it would cost you to work with a trainer at one of the big corporate gyms. Remember, when you sign up for the Fat Eradicating system, you become a client of mine and that means you are now part of my inner circle. When you are in the inner circle, your results matter and it is my job to make sure you get them.

Furthermore, while the price for this program is a great deal it also is a powerful tool to help motivate you. You see, It’s a proven fact that when you put up some collateral, aka you invest some of your hard earned money into your goals, you’re much more likely to succeed—period. Why?

In fact, over the years, I have trained numerous personal trainers and athletes simply for this reason. These are some of the most motivated and self disciplined people on the planet, yet they know that if they lay a little cash on the line and invest in themselves, they are going to work harder and stay more dedicated. Investing money gives them extra incentive and accountability to achieve their goals. These people know that all great leaders and the most successful people in any aspect of life utilize a coach, someone who motivates and holds them accountable to achieve their dreams. Think about the people who have influenced your life: teachers, coach’s, and mentors. Think about how much harder you wanted to work, how much more you achieved under their watchful eye. I am willing to bet that you were able to succeed much faster when you were working with them than on your own. I know from personal experience I have always achieved and succeeded at far greater strides when working with someone, a coach, a trainer, who holds me accountable.

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

By now, you’re probably getting pretty excited about the Fat Eradicating System. Can you see yourself in your new body yet? Do you have a clear picture of what a happier, healthier, more energetic you looks like? Before we go any further and you sign up for the program, I want to do one more thing to further insure your decision—and that’s provide you with my unconditional 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee.

I know (and my clients know from first hand experience) that the value I provide to my clients more than outweighs the cost of my services many, many times over. That is why I have had clients of mine who are on very strict, very fixed incomes, continually train with me consistently for 4, 5, even as long as 8 years! They get that much value out of the service I provide, the same service that I am offering to you. You simply can’t get this comprehensive of a program, at this price anywhere else in the industry—and to be honest, you’d be lucky to get half as much from many services priced two and three times what I charge. I know, I have done my research. Not only do I want to provide you with the best service, I also want to provide you with the most affordable. The fact is, I do everything I can to go the extra mile to take care of you and the rest of my clients and as such am extremely comfortable offering every new client a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee. I have been offering a risk free investment on my training services ever since I went into business for myself, and you know what, no one has ever asked for a refund. Why? Because they value the service that much and they are more than happy with the results you get. Here’s how the 100% Risk Free Investment works: if, after following the Fat Eradicating System exactly as you are instructed for the first week, you are less than satisfied with the program and all the extras that come with it, if you feel that it is anything less than you expected or anticipated, I will promptly refund every single penny you paid. It's that simple.

As mentioned previously, taking on a new client into this type of highly customized program is a very involved, labor-intensive process, but I’m willing to put my time where my mouth is because I’m exceptionally confident that when you complete the first week of the Fat Eradicating Program, you’ll agree that the value you’re receiving as my personal client is second to none. But if for any reason you don’t agree, I’ll chalk up my lost time as a learning experience as to how I can improve the program, and issue you a prompt refund, and you still get to keep the program and all the bonus materials at my expense. As you can see, all of the risk is entirely on me.

In order to ensure that each client receives the highest quality of service immediate availability of the “Impact Session” coaching calls with me will be limited. I only do a certain number each day to ensure I am fresh, sharp, and present so you can get the maximum value out of each and every minute. Generally, there are at most a few open spots at any given time and at many times throughout the year I am forced to operate on a waiting list. As such, new clients are currently being accepted on a first to act first to schedule basis. Meaning those of you who take action and sign up now will be working with me and seeing results faster than anyone else.

Are you ready to finally start achieving the results you deserve?

Are you ready to see all your hard work finally start to pay off?

Are you ready for the extreme motivation that comes with knowing you are working with a high level personal trainer and coach?

And are you ready to experience just how fast you can start moving toward the body of your dreams?

If so, start now, there is no better time than the present to start living the life and lifestyle you deserve.

The fact is, a month from now you are going to look in the mirror and the image you see staring back at you will be the result of what you decide today.

You can either be standing there face to face with a reflection that looks more or less the same as it does right now OR you can be looking at a body that has already experienced dramatic change.

The choice is yours.

Don’t waste another minute getting anything less than the fastest possible results. The time to start achieving the body you never thought you could have is now.

Jesse Brisendine, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Transformation Specialist

P.S. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do now. You would not still be reading this if you were not fully committed to giving the Fat Eradicating System a try. Don’t wait any longer. Signup now.

P.P.S. If you still are a little uncertain, don’t take my advice, check out a recent note one of my web-based personal training clients sent me.

Dear Jesse,

I got to admit, I was a little skeptical. I mean how in the world could a guy that lived several thousand miles away do what others who lived down the street have been unable to do for the last 5 years?

I first heard about you on the George Lopez show and have followed your story since. I thought to myself, “this guy is obviously a go getter, more importantly, he is obviously someone who is passionate about helping people.” It was this final thought that gave me the courage to final contact you and try out your program.

Well, I am so thankful I took that leap and did just that. After two months of working with you, I have lost 17 pounds and more importantly, my knees and back no longer hurt when I bend over to clean up my five year olds toy’s. At 37 years old, I was really worried that I was going to go into my 40’s overweight and full of aches and pains. Now, I am just excited to really live up and enjoy the last years of my 30’s pain free and feeling fit and full of energy.

You really do have a special gift for helping people.

Thank you Jesse.

Miami, Florida